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Which weight management solutions?

An ingredient for functional food and beverages


CravingZ’Gone® displays a low water activity (Aw) and a low caloric content (-50% vs. carbohydrates)

> Usefull for snacks & bars

CravingZ’Gone® has a neutral, slightly sweet taste and is highly soluble

> Easy to incorporate in shakes & soups

Thanks to its knowledge of Cravingz’Gone® technical properties, Olygose can assist you in the formulation of functional food and beverages.

CravingZ’Gone® withstands both bottling processes (pasteurization) and prolonged storage in acidic conditions.

> Usefull for beverages applications.


CravingZ’Gone® and FOS acid stability (pH = 2.4)

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Dietary supplement solutions

Olygose offers several portable, ready-to-use dietary supplement solutions at your brand.


These dry supplements are 100% natural, easy to dissolve and ensure excellent shelf-life.


These liquid supplements are ready-to-drink; Alternatively, they can easily be diluted in water, juices or hot drinks.

Thanks to the neutral and only slightly sweet taste of Cravingz’Gone®, these dietary supplement can be proposed in any sweet or even savoury flavours.

Olygose can also develop other weight management supplements at your brand with Cravingz’Gone® that will be both innovative and fully adapted to your customers’ needs.

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Meal Replacements    

Olygose recently developed an indulgent and compact meal replacement solution, in a form of a 70g sachet of gummies. These gummies are rich in protein and fibres and contain ≥ 30% of the daily recommended amount for vitamins and minerals (In accordance with the European Directive 96/8/EC).

Two health claims can be used on these gummies sachets:

'Substituting two daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss'

> 2 sachets / day

'Substituting one daily meal of an energy restricted diet with a meal replacement contributes to the maintenance of weight after weight loss'

> 1 sachet / day

Olygose R&D team can further assist you with quality and regulation.

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