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Olygose capital increase


Olygose announces a new €5M capital increase funded by CapAgro, Vives II and Emertec 4 to finance its expansion in the promising field of healthy ingredients from nature.

Olygose, a young innovative company in the field of nutrition, founded by two experienced entrepreneurs, François Delbaere and Laurent Guyard, has announced a second €5M capital increase.  Two new investors – CapAgro – a fund specialising in the food processing industry - and Vives II, the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL Belgium) technology fund -  are taking part in the operation, in which the Emertec 4 fund, its historic investor, has also participated.  The business angels and family offices already holding stakes in the company’s capital are also contributing to the operation.

Located in the heart of the Venette plant refining platform near Compiègne, Olygose develops and produces a range of patented oligosaccharide products extracted from protein-based plants.  Its soluble proprietary prebiotic fibres have unique characteristics, with clinically proven advantages in healthy food, notably in the areas of weight loss, satiety, obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.  Applications for its products can not only be found in everyday foodstuffs (fizzy drinks, yoghurt, confectionery, etc.) for their beneficial effects on our health but also in medicalised nutrition for patients with high cardiovascular or metabolic risks.

Olygose’s clinical programmes are based on recent demonstrations of the role of intestinal microbiota in pathologies, notably by the teams of Professor Karine Clément at the Institut de CArdiométabolisme et Nutrition (Cardiometabolism and Nutrition Institute -ICAN) / Pitié Salpétrière Hospital, who is coordinating the company’s main clinical trial currently under way.

An initial health claim related to the reduction of the glycemic response after a meal was attributed to its flagship product, AlphaGOS®, by the EFSA in October 2014, and the company is hoping to obtain several others very shortly.

The funds raised by this new capital increase will give Olygose the means to speed up its clinical trials to obtain health claims, increase its production capacity to several thousand tonnes a year, continue with its applicative R&D programmes and reinforce its sales teams on an international level, in North America and Asia.

“Following the pioneering work of Professors Delzenne and Cani at the Catholic University of Louvain, over the past few years, a number of ingredient suppliers have taken an interest in the potential of prebiotic fibres to combat excess weight and related pathologies but, up to now, no satisfactory solutions had been found.  Our Cravingz’Gone® ingredient, which combines high efficiency with very high stability and technical properties close to those of sugar, offers an extremely innovative solution, tailored to a wide range of food and drink products,” commented François DELBAERE, Chief Executive of OLYGOSE.

“As pool leader, CapAgro is proud to be taking part in this second capital increase for Olygose, expected to enable this extremely ambitious young company to take a long-awaited range of products to market.  We are convinced of the tremendous advantage presented by its innovative healthy ingredients, with their demonstrated effect on satiety and intestinal microbiota: every day, new scientific publications reiterate their involvement in obesity and cardio-metabolic disease that have recently become the primary death risk factors worldwide, way ahead of cancer, infectious disease or malnutrition.  With this investment, CapAgro has established a position as a key player in healthy nutrition, one of our priority sectors of investment,” declared Jérôme Samson, General Manager of CapAgro, who has joined the company’s Supervisory Board.

“Our holding in Olygose enables us to invest in the human nutrition sector which presents a number of the challenges faced by society.  We are convinced of the company’s growth potential as its specific technology is founded upon sound scientific bases and its applications meet a strong requirement from consumers.  The Catholic University of Louvain possesses leading edge scientific expertise in this field, notably via the Metabolism and Nutrition Laboratory headed by Professors Cani and Delzenne.  This investment in a French start-up is thus helping to forge new links fostering the creation of new, innovative projects in this sector,” indicated Philippe Durieux, CEO of VIVES II – Louvain Technology Fund.

“This is a new major stage in the development of Olygose.  We are delighted to have investment funds specialising in the food processing and nutrition sector take holdings in our company’s capital – this will enable us to reinforce technical and industrial partnerships and, above all, speed up commercial expansion,” explained Eric Marty, member of the Emertec Executive Board.

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